Terms and Conditions


Payment or co-payment is required at time of service.  I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.  Payment is an important part of the treatment alliance; therefore, it is your responsibility to arrange payments for any unpaid sessions. 


Insurance requires medical necessity and a mental health diagnostic code that will become part of your medical record.  Examples include treatment for depression and/or anxiety.  Hypnosis is utilized within a psychotherapy treatment plan.  Insurance does not pay for hypnosis sessions.

Number of Sessions

For the best outcome possible, the suggested attendance is anywhere from 4 to 10 weekly sessions.  Each session varies in time from 45 to 60 minutes.  You are encouraged to commit to the full number of sessions agreed on during beginning of treatment in order to achieve the best results.


Expectations are important to consider before deciding on hypnosis treatment.  Should you and I decide to work together, it’s important we both understand and agree upon expectations that are appropriate, realistic and obtainable.  For example, expecting to have multiple problems treated in one hypnosis session is unrealistic.  Or, after one hypnosis session it is unrealistic to experience no nicotine cravings when you have been smoking  multiple packs a day for many years is unrealistic. 


Hypnosis does not work alone … all hypnosis requires additional work, homework, and discipline outside of hypnosis sessions.  Homework includes frequent listening to the hypnosis recordings which are made during sessions.  Additionally, other types of homework, such keeping a journal to track behaviors, emotions, and thoughts are sometimes assigned.  



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All conditions that may be helped using Hypnotic Techniques also require your commitment  – Hypnotherapy is not magic and can only help you to make changes if you have a strong desire to change and put in a maximum effort.