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Professional Hypnosis for Professional Results

Welcome to my website.  My name is Linda M. Guhe.  I am a Missouri licensed clinical social worker and have been in private practice for 20 years.  In addition to Psychotherapy, I also specialize in Clinical Hypnosis.  I am certified in clinical hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH).  I have extensive training in clinical and medical hypnosis from some of the most prestigious psychologists, social workers, and physicians teaching Milton Erickson Hypnosis in the US and around the world.  

One of my goals is to help the general public understand what separates licensed professionals from general lay hypnotists offering hypnosis services to the public.  It is important for anyone interested in seeking hypnosis treatment to understand the differences between Clinical Hypnosis from lay hypnosis.  

Licensed Professionals:

  • require higher levels of education and must abide by the ethics of their chosen profession. 
  • And, this is important, licensed professionals are required by law to protect your privacy and are regulated by HIPAA laws (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.  See (Privacy page). 
  • Licensed professionals with advanced hypnosis training are qualified to offer clinical and medical hypnosis to the public. 
  • Also, look for a licensed professional with advanced hypnosis training through a reputable hypnosis organization such as the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH).  Members are also bound by the code of ethics of ASCH. 

A lay hypnotist:

  • is not required by law to posses a degree in higher education in order to provide clinical hypnosis to the public. 
  • A lay hypnotist is not bound by the strict HIPAA laws that protect your health and mental health information. This includes any information gathered during a session, information kept in written or electronic form, and information vulnerable to exploitation from electronic forms such as Skype that are non-HIPPA compliant.   
  • A lay hypnotist does not possess the educational requirements necessary to pursue advanced hypnosis training from reputable professional hypnosis organisations.

Another goal I have is to help people make important personal changes and gain control of their lives using Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Clinical Hypnosis may help you develop an “inner peace of mind” so that you can enjoy a calmer, happier more empowered you. Clinical hypnosis can be an extremely useful tool where other approaches may have failed or provided limited relief.  This is because clinical hypnosis focuses on helping you to identify and then utilize your own internal resources for problem solving.

Hypnosis is used to access the powerful unconscious for the purpose of bringing positive change and future possibilities.

I can assist you with a wide range of problems in a completely natural, drug-free way.  Unlike many prescribed drugs, there are no known side-effects from Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy when provided by a licensed professional with competent training in hypnosis,  You can be assured with my training and experience that hypnosis treatment is safe.

Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy:

About Hypnotherapy in St. Louis

Hi.  My name is Linda Guhe and I offer Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy to help people like you cope more effectively when feeling stuck and held back in life.   I am in private practice and have been practicing  Psychotherapy since 1998 and clinical hypnosis for the last 10 years.  During the past 10 years I have become certified in clinical hypnosis and also am a certified Consultant through ASCH.

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generic-clinic-pictureMy practice address is:

11469 Olive Blvd. #183
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

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Fees are $120.00 per session.

Sliding scale offered in some circumstances.

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  • Professionally Trained in Hypnosis 100% 100%
  • Licensed to Practice in Missouri 100% 100%
  • 21 Years Experience  100% 100%

Types of Therapy Available

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychological therapy that uses hypnosis to either facilitate or accelerate the process of change on an unconscious level.


Hypnoanalysis is analytical therapy designed to help you ‘uncover’ and then ‘resolve’ unprocessed emotional content which currently lies in the unconscious.


Psychotherapy is a talking therapy designed to help you understand how your thinking may be creating or perhaps perpetuating problems in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

People have always had a fascination with Hypnosis which, of course, has been popularised in both film and the media.

Many people will still remember the old movies in which Dracula used his ‘hypnotic power’ to fix his victims in a trance so he could have his evil way, and many people will have experienced the consummate ‘stage hypnotist’ who can make people do the most ridiculous things in front of thousands of people, but these notions have very little to do with the modern application of Clinical Hypnosis in a therapeutic application.

What type of problems do you work with?
Hypnotherapy has been shown to be highly effective for almost any problem where stress is a factor. This is because Hypnosis is so effective at helping a person to relax and relaxation helps to create better perspective.

Go to Problems Helped with Hypnotherapy here.

What hours do you work?
Business hours are Monday through to Friday.  I am most often in the office by 9:00 AM.  My last clinical hour is 6:00 PM.

The office is closed on Saturday & Sunday.

How much do you charge?
Single sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy cost $120.00 per hour.  However, in some cases I offer a  number of sessions at a lower per session rate. Please see our Fees page for more details.

Get In Touch

I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for information about hypnosis, fees and insurance, scheduling, and how hypnosis may benefit you or a member of your family.

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Linda M. Guhe, MSW
11469 Olive Blvd. #183
Creve Coeur, MO 63141


All conditions that may be helped using Hypnotic Techniques also require the commitment of the patient or client. 

Hypnotherapy is not magic and can only help you to make changes if you have a strong desire to change and are willing to put in a maximum effort.