Medical & Dental Links

Hypnosis During Awake Surgery for Glioma Has Positive Impact: Study published in the January 2016 issue of Neurosurgery shows how hypnosis is being used in brain surgery.

Surgeons using hypnosis for anesthesia:  Read about the latest news in medical hypnosis where surgeons are utilizing hypnosis for anesthesia.

Medical Hypnosis: Permantente Journal article, Fall 2001. An underutilized treatment approach. Brian Alman.

Hypnosis in Medicine: Review of article by R. J. Stewart about history and uses of hypnosis in medicine. “Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine.” Mayo Clin. Proc 105; 80 (4): 511-524 (2005).

Medical Hypnosis – You are Getting Very Healthy: Article in Wall Street Journal which describes the

The Mind Prepared – Hypnosis in Surgery: Journal of the National Cancer institute (JNCI), August 2007. Article by an authority in hypnosis – David Spiegel, MD faculty Stanford University.

NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine Website provides health articles presented in magazine format with current and past issues to browse.

Brain Imaging Studies Investigate Pain Reduction By Hypnosis:  Science Daily article about research study that shows how brain imaging using fMRI produced objective, measurable change in brain activity that was connected to the perception of reduced pain in subjects participants.

Hypnosis as a Therapeutic Tool in Pediatrics: Informative commentary by Dr. Haleh Saadat on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies and pediatric hypnosis.

 Pediatric Hypnosis – Hypnosis Helping Kids: University of Michigan Health System provides information on hypnosis for kids and how hypnosis is utilized for a variety of mental and physical conditions.

Hypnosis Requires Creativity, Not a Pocket Watch: Highlights work of Lawrence Sugarman, MD pediatrician, faculty member of American Society Clinical Hypnosis and National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute, and co-arthur and editor of Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents.

Hypnosis for Children: CBS article describes the benefits of hypnosis for children.

Hypnosis for the Relief and Control of Pain: An American Psychological Association article that presents findings of a meta-analysis of 18 published pain studies hypnosis can be psychologically as well as cost-effective for persons responsive to hypnosis techniques.

Hypnosis in Dentistry:  An article about the history and uses of hypnosis in dentistry.