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Linda M. Guhe, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

       Linda M. Guhe, MSW
   Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Welcome to my site.

I hope you will take your time and 1) read about the fascinating tool of hypnosis, 2) read about the latest scientific research findings, and, most importantly, 3) learn how hypnosis may help you and/or your loved ones heal and cope more effectively than you ever thought possible.  As you read on, you will learn about the many ways in which clinical hypnosis can be used in the treatment of a variety of physical, psychological, and emotional conditions and problems.  In this website, I also provide information on where to go to find a highly qualified licensed professional referral with training in hypnosis.

I work with Adults, Adolescents, and Children in the areas of  Medical & Dental Hypnosis, Psychological & Emotional Hypnosis, and Behavioral Medicine & Hypnosis.  You will also find more information about Hypnosis on the links, Smoking Cessation, Sports Hypnosis, and my Blog, which lists a variety of categories you may find interesting.  Additionally, on each page of the website, you will find a convenient search box to search for particular  topics and subjects.

Be aware that there are many organizations that provide hypnosis credentials that are pretty much meaningless. These include long lists of hypnotists advertised on the internet and else where.

There are clear distinctions that separate a lay hypnotist from a professional who practices clinical hypnosis.

 Lay Hypnotists:

  • Hypnosis guilds and other organizations do not have strict standards, guidelines, and ethics for membership and hypnosis training.
  • A lay hypnotist is not required to have an advanced professional degree.
  • A lay hypnotist cannot be licensed to practice health or mental health.

Professionals trained in Clinical Hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis organizations that are recognized as reputable have strict and high standards for membership and training.  The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is the main body that offers certification in clinical hypnosis.
  • Those with clinical hypnosis certification have THREE separate bodies that each require stringent standards, guidelines, and ethics.
    • The Society of Clinical Hypnosis
    • Professional bodies such as Social Work, Psychology, Physicians, and other health and mental professions.
    • The state by which they are licensed to practice health and mental health.

How to find a trustworthy professional certified in clinical hypnosis.

The most qualified professionals are trained by societies of hypnosis which hold the highest standards for training and education in hypnosis which include:  the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), the Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH), and the International Society for Hypnosis (ISH) (see also Hypnosis Society Links for more societies). Members of these organization include physicians, dentists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and many other licensed professionals in health and mental health settings.  Because of stringent requirements of these teaching hypnosis organizations, you can be assured of finding an ethical professional properly trained in clinical hypnosis.

There are three credentials to search for.  Individuals who have:

  • a license to practice medical and/or mental heath in your state
  • higher education with a Master’s Degree or above (MSW, PhD, MD, DDS, etc.) in health, mental health, and comparable professions
  • achievement of hypnosis credentialing through an organization with high hypnosis education and membership standards (see Hypnosis Society Links)

I also want share with you the latest in the scientific research and literature on the subject of hypnosis.  During the past ten years or so, brain imaging technology (pictures of the brain) has become more and more sophisticated.  Researchers in clinical hypnosis can now use advanced imaging, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, fMRI, for capturing images (pictures) of actual changes in brain activity while subjects are undergoing hypnosis.  With the new technology, researchers can provide valid scientific evidence of the effects of hypnosis in specific areas of the brain.

Prior to today’s advanced technology, research evidence for clinical hypnosis was mostly anecdotal case studies based upon the clinician’s individual experience.  While compelling, most early studies in hypnosis failed to provided actual scientific evidence that was measurable and reliable.  However, as noted in the previous paragraph, with more sophisticated imaging technology, hypnosis is now providing actual evidence of the impact of hypnosis on the brain and behavior.  Most of this research has come from scientific studies in the field of hypnosis and pain management.

I am encouraged by the recent research on hypnosis because the data provide compelling evidence of what clinicians utilizing hypnosis have witnessed consistently in their work:  That hypnosis is a powerful tool for utilizing the mind to:

  1. influence the cognitive, emotional, and physical parts of the self, 
  2. heal the mind and body and 
  3. change behaviors for optimal growth and satisfaction.

I am pleased to share my knowledge and experience of clinical hypnosis (view my Credentials), and most importantly, describe how clinical hypnosis is being utilized by qualified clinicians in a variety of ways to help individuals heal!

Also, I want to take this opportunity to present my own distinctive approach which I have developed for mind-body healing through clinical hypnosis.  A caveat I also will share with you is BEWARE of lay hypnotists, who lack higher education and licensed-based training.  I am proud to say Saint Louis Hypnosis provides professional expert services you can trust.


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